Bridge is a client made for interacting with Azimuth. It's the recommended way to receive, send, and manage your Urbit identity, and it's by far the easiest way to generate the keyfile required to boot your ship. Most Bridge functions are accessed by "logging in" to an identity's ownership address or one of its proxy addresses. It's accessed at

Below are some important functions of Bridge.


  • Claim an invite: If you've been given a planet invite code/link, you claim the planet through Bridge.
  • Spawn Planets/Stars: Spawn a child from a galaxy or a star. If on L2, you can generate planet invite codes.
  • Accept sponsorship request: - Accept a sponsorship request to a galaxy or star.
  • Transfer: Send the Urbit identity to another Ethereum address or a new Master Ticket.
  • Accept incoming transfer: If someone is trying to send you an Urbit identity, you must use this action to receive it.
  • Cancel outgoing transfer: Cancel a transfer that you initiated before the recipient has accepted it.
  • Generate Arvo keyfile: Generate the keyfile to boot a ship with your Urbit identity.
  • Change spawn proxy: Assign your spawn proxy to a new Ethereum address, or set it to L2.
  • Change management proxy: Assign your transfer proxy to a new Ethereum address.
  • Set network keys: Set new authentication and encryption keys used on your Arvo ship. Will change your Arvo keyfile.
  • Transfer to L2: Transfer an L1 point to L2.

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