Welcome to the Urbit docs. This site contains guides, tutorials and reference documentation for all aspects of Urbit development including the Hoon language, the Arvo kernel, the runtime Vere, and the identity system Azimuth. There’s also a user manual to help you get started running and operating your Urbit.


There are both regular live tutored courses and in-depth tutorials to teach you the Hoon language, Urbit app development, and other aspects of the system. If you want to learn how to build things on Urbit, these are the best places to start.

Developer Docs

The developer documentation contains a wealth of guides, examples and reference material about all layers of Urbit, from the Hoon Language to the kernel and runtime. These are the places to refer to as you work on your Urbit project.


We have two Youtube channels: @urbit_ and @urbiteducation. The former contains general Urbit-related content including a number of developer streams. The latter contains educational material including Urbit Academy lessons.