Useful Links

A collection of links to external tools, libraries, app repos, and documentation.

App Repos

Auth - Login with Urbit (client).

Auth Server - Login with Urbit (server).

Autoprop - automatically build pills.

Citadel - desk management on Urbit.

Deskjam - import and export desks.

Docs - include documentation with your app.

Emissary - allow a star to designate a planet as its representative.

Gato - a way to make chatbots for Urbit groups.

Herd - desk dependency management.

Paldev Suite - apps and libraries by ~paldev including Pals and Rumors.

External Docs

Holium Docs - documentation of Holium products including Realm and TomeDB.

GroundSeg Docs - documentation for GroundSeg by Native Planet.

Hoon Libraries

John - automatic JSON reparsing.

Manx Utils - tools for working with XML structures.

Mast - a library for building fully dynamic Sail front-ends.

Paldev Suite - apps and libraries by ~paldev including Rudder & Gossip.

Regex - an implementation of POSIX extended regular expressions.

/lib/string - a string library for mortals.

Saloon - transcendental and algebraic functions in Hoon (WIP).

TomeDB - distributed p2p database for Urbit.

Yard - helpful utilities for app development.

JS Libraries

HTTP API - connect to an Urbit ship via a JS application.

urbit-ob - utilities for Hoon-style atom printing and conversion.

nockjs - A JS implementation of Nock, plus some useful functions.

create-landscape-app - get started building an Urbit app.

TomeDB - distributed p2p database for Urbit.

Other Languages

go-urbit - Golang Urbit interface over Ames.

pynoun - jam and cue nouns into Python data types.

Other Tools

Bridge - an application for interacting with Azimuth.

Click - bash thin client that runs threads.

GroundSeg - a tool for managing Urbit instances.