Docs App

The %docs app allows you to include documentation with the desks you distribute, making them available for easy browsing by users and developers.

The %docs app will automatically detect and publish any docs included with any installed desks. As long as they're in the correct place and of a filetype with appropriate mark conversion methods, they'll be picked up.

A doc.toc file may be included in the root of the desk, specifying the files to be included, their marks, and their titles. See the Index File section for details.

The files will be in a /doc directory in the root of the desk. They may be of any filetype, as long as it has conversion methods to the %docu mark used by the %docs app. The %docs app includes parsers and conversion methods for the following marks by default:

  • %txt - Ordinary .txt text files.
  • %udon - A markdown-like format that supports embedded hoon.
  • %gmi - An ultra-minimalist markup format called "gemtext".
  • %html - An ordinary .html file.

For more details of these file formats, as well as details of the %docu mark and other format requirements of the %docs app, see the File Format section.

Apart from the mark and location requirements described above, there are no particular restrictions on how you organise your docs, or what docs you include. There are, however, some general recommendations detailed in the Suggested Structure section.

Dev desk

To include docs in your own desk, there are a few files you'll need (mark files, etc). These are included in the docs-dev dev desk in the github repo. These files are all symlinked, so you'll need to clone the whole repo, then copy them across with something like:

cp -rL git/docs-app/docs-dev/* /path/to/your/development/desk